About Us

TESCO, The Eastern Specialty Company

TESCO has been a trusted source of meter testing instruments and accessories since 1904. Headquartered in Bristol, Pennsylvania, TESCO offers an expansive set of hardware and software solutions for utilities.

The TESCO Software subsidiary, based in New Brunswick, Canada, offers the Meter Manager Software Suite, a comprehensive set of software modules designed specifically for asset and quality management for metering.  Meter Manager is leading product in its class, and is deployed in many of the largest utilities in the US. It is also the only metering asset and test management software designed to fully comply with Measurement Canada requirements.

We also offer PPE Manager, which tracks your Personal Protective 

Our Commitment:

With our Industry leading expertise and experience, our software enables your organization to:

  • Improve return on investment and payback period
  • Proactively manage risks
  • Enhance productivity and responsiveness
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Make better decisions through accurate data
  • Streamline regulatory compliance programs including Measurement Canada
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership


Our Principles:

  • Customer focused to ensure quality service and products.
  • Creative work culture and environment to foster innovative solutions.
  • Forward thinking to keep up with next generation technologies.

Our Team

  • Kevin


    Chief Operating Officer 

    Kevin leads the software development division. He has focused his career on electric and gas utilities for the last 20 years. Although originally a software developer, he has direct experience working in utility metering organizations. This real-world experience, combined with his software skills, allows him to straddle the gap between the customer's needs and the IT team.


    Education: BS with triple honours in Math, Physics, and Computer Science

  • Paul


    Sales Director 

    Combining a business background with extensive experience in software quality assurance, Paul is ideally suited to offer customers solutions that align with business strategies and objectives, while providing a real ROI. He has demonstrated experience in leading cross organizational change initiatives, and will ensure that your adoption of improved tools and procedures is successful. 


    Education: BBA Accounting Information Systems,

  • Patricia


    Program Management Office Director

    Patty leads our project management efforts. She brings decades of utility operations and software project management experience to the role. Patricia has a comprehensive understanding of client-side expectations that help her manage risk, anticipate change, and she continually strives to improve the quality of TESCO software implementations. Her first experience with TESCO was on the client side, managing a deployment. Realizing her exemplary skills, TESCO was thrilled to have her join our team, where she has a had an unbroken streak of successful, on time projects. 


    Education: BS in Business Administration

  • Christine


    Senior Software Architect

    Christine's stellar academic background and decades of utility experience have been instrumental in the continued excellence of TESCO's software. She makes the key technical design decisions that ensure that TESCO software is reliable, high-performance, and prepared for the future.


    Education: MS Math and Computer Science